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Need a slider that is...
touch-screen ready
and fully customizable ?
Advanced Slider includes all that, and even more...
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Layers can be static or animated...
...and you can easily customize their size, position, animation and style
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Layers can contain anything from simple text to complex HTML content like videos
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One of the most important features is Video handling
The slider has built-in support for Vimeo, YouTube, HTML5 video and Video JS. Also, Vimeo and YouTube videos can be loaded by default or can be lazy loaded.
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Navigate to the previous or next slide.
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Not only slides can contain HTML content, but also the thumbnails. Please check these two examples.
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Slide 8
Other features include...
lightbox support
keyboard navigation
per slide settings
various skins
fullscreen support
and more...
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Please check the other examples to see some of the slider's features in action.
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